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Friday, December 14, 2018

Flemish Government: Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (Belgium/Flanders)

In Belgium, policy competences for science and technology are shared amongst several authorities, in particular between the federal authority and the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Region of Brussels Capital. Belgium is therefore characterized by a decentralized innovation system. There is no hierarchical relation between the federal and the regional institutional level but a horizontal division of competences between Belgian governments that co-operate on equal footing. In the Flemish region the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) assists the Flemish Minister responsible for economy, science and innovation in preparing, executing and evaluating science and innovation policy. In this capacity, the Department supervises the main channels through which R&D activities are funded in the Flemish region:

  • the monitoring of the science and innovation budget of the Government of Flanders;
  • funding of universities  through FWO-Flanders (Fund for scientific research in Flanders);
  • funding of industrial research activities through IWT-Flanders (Institute for the promotion of innovation by science and technology in Flanders);
  • funding for the Flemish Strategic Research centres such as IMEC (nano-electronics), VIB (biotechnology), VITO (energy, materials and the environment) and IBBT (broadband communication);
  • the ex post evaluation of specific R&D actions and programmes;

The Department EWI is also actively involved in the international aspects of research and innovation e.g. through its participation in UNESCO or OECD, but also through its role in coordinating the Flemish position in EU R&D policy bodies, such as CREST, The Research Working Party, the FP7 programme committees, COST, etc.


Flemish Government
Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI)
Koning Albert II-laan 35
1030 Brussel

phone: +32 2 - 553 59 80
fax: +32 2 - 553 60 07