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Friday, December 14, 2018


ASM-L, one of the world's leading providers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment realised net sales of EUR 3.597 billion for the year ended December 2006. ASML's overall research and development costs in 2001, net of credits, were in excess of EUR400 million. ASML was founded in 1984 to address lithography issues in manufacturing very-large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits and ultra-large-scale integrated (ULSI) circuits. ASML operates applications laboratories at its global headquarters in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, and at its U.S. headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. Regional sales and service facilities are located in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

The company provides customers with a full range of support, from advanced process and product applications knowledge to complete around-the-clock service support with uptime performance guarantees. ASML leverages a high-technology network that includes Philips Research Laboratories, Philips Applied Technology, IMEC, Carl Zeiss and Agilent, enabling ASML to compete very effectively with other lithography equipment makers in the international marketplace. ASML is a world leader in photolithography with an installed base of more than 1,000 systems at customer sites around the world. ASML is the technology leader for lithographic tools including the tools which are in the early stage of development like EUVL.


ASML Netherlands B.V.
De Run  6501
5504 DR Veldhoven

phone: +31 40 268 3000
fax: +31 40 268 2000